Customer Help



What size belt should I order?

We suggest going one size above your pant size, to accommodate for things like t-shirts and jumpers. Pant sizes can sometimes run small or large, so take this into consideration when selecting a size. The safest way to ensure for the best fit is to measure your waist with a tape measure!

Do you make left-handed Bags and belts?

Our products are not made to be left-handed or right-handed specific. All Buckaroo products can be used ambidextrously.

Do you make brown belts, bags and frogs?

We don’t make any brown belts, bags, pouches or frogs at the moment.

Can you make custom sizes?

Unfortunately we are unable to do custom work of any kind at the moment, which includes custom sizes for belts. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Do you make custom items?

Unfortunately we cannot make custom items, only what is shown on our shop page.

Can I make suggestions for new products?

All our products are designed by tradies for tradies. So YES please let us know if you have any product ideas by using the "Get Help" form submission.

What are the dimensions of your products?

The last photo on all our product pages shows the dimensions. 


When will my order arrive?

Orders are dispatched from our factory based in Bellambi, Australia up to 7 days to accomodate production time and are usually delivered within 3-5 working days domestically and up to 14 days internationally Some items may occasionally be affected by manufacturing delays.

There can be the occasional customs or courier delay which may affect your delivery timeframe from time to time.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We ship worldwide, though some regions may be affected by strict customs, conflict or may be remote/undeliverable.

Will I have to pay any additional duties & taxes?

You will be liable for any import duties, customs and taxes levied by your country where your order is being shipped to. These will be due at the point of, or after delivery. 

We are not liable for these charges, and they unfortunately cannot be reimbursed or refunded by us.

We have noticed many orders within the UK have been getting charged customs fees, so please take note of this when ordering. If you are unsure of the charges or whether you will be affected, please contact your local customs office to find out more information.

Which courier do you use?

We use a variety of couriers based on price, region, availability and international partnerships.

I live locally, can I pick up my order?

You are more than welcome to collect your order from our Bellambi, NSW factory. The order must be picked up within 7 days. Please contact us to organise this. 

Returns & Warranty

Can I return my product?

You sure can! Please refer to our warranty & returns page. 

What do I do to claim warranty?

Please refer to our Warranty & Returns page for steps to submit a warranty or returns claim.

Do I have to register my product online for warranty?

No you do not. All you have to do is keep your receipt to claim warranty if an item is faulty and get in touch should there be an issue.

My product is outside of the 12 month warranty period. Can I return it for repair?

We do accept returns for repair however the customer is responsible for the shipping both ways. Please contact us for authorisation of repair. 


Do you have international stockists?

We currently have three stockists outside of Australia which is Ace Tool in NY, America, Atlas Tools & Machinery in Toronto Canada and Newlands Auto Electrical in New Zealand.

How do you attach the suspenders?

Step 1: lay belt on a flat surface with easy access to the 3 metal loops that are positioned evenly along the top edge of the belt

Step 2: undo the 3 braces straps as they are wrapped up for POS purposes.

Step 3: beginning with the back shorter strap, attach to the middle metal loop on the belt. Attach by passing webbing through the metal loop and then threading through the plastic tri slide until the strap is tucked with no overhang.

Step 4: before affixing the 2 front braces straps, fasten belt to the body.

Step 5: as the back strap is already fixed, the wearer needs to bring the 2 fronts straps over the front of their body attached to the metal loops whilst the belt is being worn (this way the tension can be determined without needing to trial and error to much). Thread the 2 remaining straps through as per step 3.

Step 6: connect chest strap for a firm fit.

Note: the leather ‘Y’ section should sit towards the top of the wearers back.

Can I change my order if I made a mistake?

You can make changes to your order if it has not yet been shipped. Please email us for any changes. 

How can I get a tax receipt for my order?

Please contact us with your tax receipt request. 

Why is the price changing at checkout?

If you are browsing from outside of Australia, you may notice that at checkout, the price may change.

This is due to currency conversion; the price you see when browsing the site is what you will be paying in your currency, and the total price you are seeing at checkout is in AUD.

So don't stress, as you are not being charged any more or less.