Our Difference

Made with care.
Lasting quality and impact.
Practicality & performance.

We are a brand deeply rooted in family story and rich history.
We are a brand with passion, pride and a boxing kangaroo pulsing through our veins.
We are a brand whose unrivalled reputation and superior quality is synonymous with the rugged Aussie outback.

Where It All Started

Buckaroo started as so many other Australian stories do.
It’s the story of an immigrant who sought the shores of the ‘lucky country’ to build a better life. With him came a love of leatherwork and an entrepreneurial savviness that identified an opportunity to utilise Australian quality materials and couple that with unique leather craftsmanship resulting in beautiful leather products, distinctive, like Australia itself.

The Buckaroo brand has an over 50 year history in Australia
starting as a small manufacturer of all types of leathergoods. In the late nineties, the course of the Buckaroo brand took a remarkable turn thanks to a seemingly straightforward request from two Maori tradesmen. Seeking a tool belt that offered comfort, superior quality, and exceptional support, they inspired the creation of Buckaroo's flagship product—the renowned Signature Tradesman Back Support Tool Belt, which has since become our best-selling item.

Working with leather is like working with any other natural material, there’s a deep history that comes with the craft and it only works if you respect the material and traditional ways of working. At Buckaroo we combine our passion with innovative design and an enthusiasm for learning. With plenty of trial and error and constant feedback from our customers we believe we’ve found a formula that works, a unique approach combing tradition and innovation.

In the 2000's the bespoke design tool bag single-handedly
revolutionised the way tradies carried their tools and ushered in a new and exciting era for Buckaroo and the greater industry.

Today, the brand remains deeply committed to its core values of integrity, collaboration, dedication, and innovation. These values are proudly upheld as we continue to thrive as a global exporter, reaching customers worldwide.

We are one of a very few leather goods manufacturers left in Australia and we’re committed to continuing our 100% Australian made stance. Our products personify the unique characteristics of Australia - tough, rugged, durable, beautiful and unashamedly different. Embodying a trusted and reliable Australian working ethic, Buckaroo Leatherworks is much more than a tool belt manufacturer.

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Made in

Buckaroo have been handcrafting premium leather tool belts in Australia since the eighties. We’re committed to manufacturing in Australia for the quality and the economy and we guarantee fair working conditions, always.

Located in the seaside suburb of Bellambi, our heart lies in
the sand and the salt of D’harawal country on the New South Wales South Coast. The natural light pours into our space, the scent of salt from the Pacific Ocean is always in the air and the afternoon sun lets us know the day is coming to an end as it sets behind the bracelet of the mountain to our west. We’re appreciative of our beautiful location, the gifts it provides us and the history of the land we call home. It’s a place of work, but it’s also very personal.


At Buckaroo, we take immense pride in our craftsmanship, as we are dedicated to producing premium-quality tool belts and tool belt components that are specifically tailored to meet the demands of professional tradespeople while they are on the job. Our extensive range of products includes back support belts, casual belts, nail bags, tool bags, and tool holders, providing a diverse selection to suit various trade applications.


When it comes to Buckaroo products; durability, efficiency,
and aesthetics are the cornerstones of our design philosophy. We understand that tradespeople require a rig that can withstand the challenges of their daily work, which is why we prioritize the construction of sturdy and long-lasting tool belts and belt components.


We believe that functionality should not compromise style. Our unique approach ensures that each person's rig can be fully customized to meet their unique requirements, allowing them to remain stylish while performing their tasks efficiently.


To ensure the exceptional quality of our products, we utilize the finest Australian leather and rely on the expertise of our skilled staff. Every Buckaroo item is carefully handmade at our manufacturing facility on the south coast of New South Wales, where we adhere to strict quality control standards. Rigorous inspections are conducted at each step of the production process, ensuring that the highest standards are consistently met for our final leather products.

Having been in the industry for over 50 years, we have garnered a strong reputation for being an honest and dependable company. Our customers trust us to deliver products that consistently meet and exceed their expectations. The entire Buckaroo product range has been thoughtfully developed to fulfill specific and targeted needs, reflecting our unwavering commitment to high performance. We take pride in our craftsmanship, our commitment to quality, and our ability to fulfill the specific needs of professional tradespeople.


We are proud to be a niche company. This specialization
allows us to dedicate our expertise and resources to continuously improving our products, ensuring that they are tailored to the unique needs of tradespeople. Our unwavering commitment to quality serves as a testament to our dedication to providing exceptional tool belts, bags and holsters that professionals can rely on.


Our purpose is to empower tradespeople to perform their work efficiently, comfortably, and in style.

We are niche. We are quality. We are Buckaroo.